(Roots grow – 3) Zilele Nordului


Five years in a row and no disappointment.

I’m promoting `Zilele Nordului` once again. Roots grow.

The festival takes place in the northest town in Romania, Darabani. In a little and cozy meadow you can listen to amazing bands while chilling in a hammock, drink a beer and make friends.

Starting with 16th of August and until 18th, you can enjoy the music and explore the town with a guide *see details here*.


If you like to jump around, on the second day (17) all the bands seen in the poster will make that happen.

If you are a calm person, don’t worry, the same bands will sing acoustic on the third day.

Yes, that’s right! This surely will be the first time you see this ‘on/off’ experience happen, so go ahead and give it a try. 

The north is not active only at night. You can go to photography exhibitions at the museum daily, be involved in making the abandoned site in the center of the town a piece of art and participate in many other activities you can find in the festival schedule.



If you are a camper, the stadium of the town will be your little home for a couple of days. Of course you can opt for renting a place, if you don’t like when we play the guitar ’till the middle of the night, the smell of grass or the escape from civilization.

And don’t forget, unlike most of the festivals, this one is free so go there and support the people that are making it all possible.

For more details visit the *site*.

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